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Why It’s Better to Stay in a Hotel When Visiting Family

By John Vincent T. Trinidad

For many people, a vacation is also an opportunity to visit family. However, not everyone is comfortable staying with their folks, especially if it’s been a while since the last visit. The solution is simple: stay in a hotel.

Think that’s too cold? Actually, you might thank yourself for having the foresight to book hotel accommodations ahead of time instead of staying with your family. Here are some of the best reasons:

You Don’t Have to Worry About Reactions

At your folks’ house, you are likely to feel obliged to wake up early and tidy up. It’s your vacation, so if you feel like sleeping in, you shouldn’t be concerned that everyone’s waiting for you to leave the couch. Besides, a hotel room offers that peace and quiet (and room service) that lets you rest for as long as you want. Just tell your family you need some time to rest during your vacation and you need the quiet for sleeping.

You Can Get Work Done

You can’t work in peace if you’re staying with a bunch of people, including kids, and everyone’s just eager to say hello. You need a quiet room with a good desk and a comfortable enough chair, and air-conditioning. Of course, you also need reliable internet. In your hotel room, you can even work on your bed. It should be easy to convince your family that you need a proper work area to get things done.

You Can Leave Whenever You Want

If you’re staying with your folks, you don’t have a choice but to be nice and listen to stories, even those that make you uncomfortable. Staying at a hotel gives you a ready excuse for leaving when you want to. Make up an excuse like expecting a Zoom call with your bosses. You can even tell your family that you’re jetlagged or tired. You’ll be in the comfort of your hotel room in no time.

It Makes Your Vacation Less Stressful

The irony of going on holiday is the stress that might come with it right from the planning stages to the end of your stay. If you’re less than thrilled to be staying at your loved ones’ home, your holiday might quickly start feeling like a waste of your time and resources. Connect with your family, but keep a little distance. Booking a hotel can make that possible. Not feeling like joining the banter today? Stay and read a book by the hotel pool. There’s no alternative to privacy when it comes to de-stressing.

You Know It’s Not Easy Playing Host

Ever had family or friends over? You’re glad to have them but that doesn’t mean there’s no extra work involved. Preparing a special meal, getting the extra bed ready, etc. There’s also the extra cost to think about and the deviation from your routine. You don’t want that for your loved ones. They’d probably appreciate the thoughtfulness too when you tell them.

The best price hotels near your family’s home are just a few clicks away. Use the Hotel Waze app to book directly with the accommodation of your choice, and you don’t have to worry about sleeping on a futon at your cousin’s old room.

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