How to travel with ease during pandemic Covid-19 threat and how a hotel search application can direct you to the best hotels.


How can the pandemic affect our way of traveling?

Traveling increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Your chances of getting COVID-19 while traveling also depend upon whether you and people around you are taking steps to stay safe like wearing masks and staying 6 feet from people outside your household (social distancing). 

Public transportation is all places that travelers are often exposed to the virus within the air and on surfaces. 

These also are places where it is often hard for social distance. Generally, the longer you're around an individual with COVID-19, the more likely you're to urge infected. Making stops along the way for the gas, food, or bathroom breaks can put you and you're traveling companions in close contact with people who can be infected by the virus. Also, you have to check if the hotel of your choice is following safety guidelines in sanitizing their facilities. A hotel search application can help you choose the right accommodation. Learn more about the way to protect yourself from COVID-19 while traveling.

Tips to avoid getting and spreading COVID-19 while traveling:

In public:

1. Wear your mask at all times - this is to lower the chances of you getting the virus. Be sure to dispose of your mask correctly. We don't want to destroy our environment trying to protect ourselves.

2. Social Distancing - socially distance yourself from people who don't belong to your household or you're not traveling with. Stay at least 6 ft away from people around you.


Bathrooms and rest stop:

1. Hand washing - wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or more after using the toilet or even after touching surfaces. Avoid touching your face before washing your hands to lower the risk of getting the virus.

2. Use Alcohol or hand sanitizer - if there is no washing area, use alcohol in sanitizing your hands. Cover all the surfaces of your hand with alcohol and rub them together till it feels dry.


Getting gas:

1. Wipe any surface you'll touch - may it be the pump or any surface you need to wipe it with disinfectant wipes to prevent yourself from getting any viruses. 

2. Use Alcohol - after fueling use alcohol to sanitize your hands. 

Anticipate Your Travel Needs

1. Always bring a mask - be sure that you bring a clean mask. Make sure it is sanitized before using it.

2. Have alcohol handy - make sure you pack alcohol or hand sanitizer with you. For surface sanitation, you can bring wet wipes or tissue.

3. Bring medicine - you'll never know where or when you will catch fever or cold. Be sure to bring extra medicine for when stores don't have available medicine

4. Search for good accommodation - choose the right hotel accommodation for your travel. One option you can do is use an application that directs you to the right hotel. This means the hotel should follow strict guidelines in sanitizing and disinfecting their facilities. Getting booked in a hotel can be time-consuming and you might end up paying for more because of the wide range of hotel booking sites you can accidentally click. Hotelwaze app can direct you to the best choice minus the booking fee charged by other hotel search applications. Why? Because this application is connected directly to the hotels. No need to pay for booking fees, book directly to the website of the hotel, and enjoy their deals and amenities. 

The application is user-friendly and has a range of choices of hotels. 


For updates on safety and travel guidance for tourists during the pandemic, check the website, state newsletter, Official Social media sites that your travel destination has. You also want to make sure that your accommodation of choice is following their city/state guidance in sanitizing their facilities. 

After You Travel:

You may be exposed to COVID-19 on your travels. You may feel well and can be asymptomatic but you can be contagious and spread the virus unknowingly. You could post a risk to your family and friends no matter how strictly you have followed all the guidelines. Get yourself tested first before going home. Some facilities offer accommodation for 14 days of quarantine. This is to make sure that you won't be spreading the virus. 

After the quarantine:

Stay vigilant in wearing facemasks, at the same time maintain a social distance from people around you. Stay at home as much as possible. Be sure to up your immune system by eating the right food and exercise.


The new normal of traveling is very far from what we were used to before this pandemic hit the world. Everyone is adjusting their lives to it. The usual fully booked flights only have a few slots open to making way for socially distancing people. But it shouldn't stop there, planning ahead of time on where your travel destination is and checking on guidelines while traveling can help you decide whether push through with your original plans or create a new travel plan. The application can direct you to the right choice. It is free of charge and you don't need to pay for an extra booking fee.

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