Hotel search website or app. Which is easier?


Hotel search website or app. Which is easier?

There's no shortage of resources when you need to book a cheap hotel room. From search engines that send you to hotel sites, to bookable travel agencies to corporate hotel sites, the options for the best hotel booking sites is huge. But when doing your hotel search, deciding which resources to compare should depend on how often they offer the best hotel deals, and how you prefer to view and filter search results.


When you’re travelling or just planning, the best overall strategy is to compare prices from multiple sources including the hotel’s own website, here you can see the best offer deals not shared with third-party sites, or offer the same rates as third-party websites minus the booking fees. Hotels sites will also offer package deals—bundled amenity inclusions and the like—that you can’t see on travel sites or third-party booking sites.


The bottom line is you will still look at the hotel website to compare the prices and deals offered by the third-party websites showing on top of your search engine.

What if all these steps can be shown in just one single app? Sounds like a third-party app like the others, right?

This is not the usual third-party app.

So, what kind of app is it anyway?


Hotelwaze is a go to app for hotels that offers new deals and discounts for their clients.

It is a search app solely for hotels. Think of it like the “Grab” app. It looks for the nearest “Grab” for you to board in and travel within the city. Hotelwaze is one that shows you the nearest hotel in the area where you are travelling or staying and shows you discounts directly from their websites. No need for the pesky booking fees.

It also shows the amenities and deals each hotel has. Still sounds like the third-party website. The difference? You can contact the hotel directly. And what’s interesting is that you don’t have to pay for it.

Check out the app on Google Play and on Appstore for IOS devices.


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