Top 7 main reasons to book directly with hotels

  • icon1 1. Get Better Rates

    Your hotel may offer discounts and special rates if you book directly with them. Just ask them for offers!

  • icon2 2. Cancel Anytime

    Some hotels will let you cancel your booking without charging a no-show or a cancellation fee, unlike third party booking sites and services. But don’t forget to ask the hotel about their cancellation policies.

  • icon3 3. Enjoy Special Occasions

    Most hotels will do their best to accommodate your special occasion if you book directly with them. Make your stay even more special!

  • icon4 4. Change Things Around

    Most hotels will make amendments to your booking without any difficulties, as long as what you want is available.

  • icon5 5. Get Rewards

    Ask your hotel about reward points, which are often available to patrons when they book directly with the hotel. Reward programs often include discounts and freebies.

  • icon6 6. Get Discounts on an Extra Room

    Most hotels offer discounts for booking an extra room on the same day if you call late afternoon. Just ask the front desk.

  • icon7 7. Relocate With Ease

    It’s easier to ask a hotel if you want to be relocated to another hotel or to another room if you use direct booking.


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